You Drive the Men Wild!

That’s what someone wrote in the subject of a private email I received.  Why do I receive private emails?  Because I have a private email address.  What was that private email about?  I’ll tell you what it’s about because I’m not so private.

Cool Kitties and the Square Cats had a kick-ass rockabilly show last month at Otto’s Shrunken Head.  We rocked and we rolled. Anywhoo – some drunkard in front was dancing real good to our swinging tunes.  He was dancing, and drinking, and drinking, and drinking.   There were some close calls of Bethany almost decking the dude, and after the third time he threw his coat onto her feet, she turned to me and said “this dude has got to go.”

By the time we hit “Blue Suede Shoes” it was too late.  The drunkard jumped on stage and moved in.  I got pushed up against the wall (mind you, I didn’t lose the groove), and he extended his hand lovingly towards my face to go in for the kiss.  Luckily, our Square Cat guitarist, Seth, and Bethany came over to intervene.  The drunkard got escorted out, but made sure to give me the international sign of “f-you” with a mean ‘ol stare.  That didn’t really bother me because I returned his “f-you”, and raised it with the international sign of vagina.

Here’s the private email; written in reference to this little scuffle:

“Chicken wire reminds me of the movie Road House with Patrick Swayze where they had chicken wire around the band to protect them.  I saw that guy come over in your direction, but really thought he was going to pay you a compliment before leaving even though he was extremely drunk.  I did not think he was going to do what he did.  But you guys always know there are people out there who have your back.  Jesse was standing a lot closer than I was and Maria’s friend was closer than Jesse and I saw they had it very under control.  I was actually making sure nobody was coming up behind them from the other room to join in because I saw that guy had friends in the other room.”

This is why y’all shouldn’t miss any Bass Princess shows.  I mean, it’s awesome ROCK’n ROLL!

And!  I am proud to announce that I’m the newest member of “Spanking Charlene!” Spanking Charlene was just mentioned in the Wall Street Journal in an article written about the great Bob Clearmoutain.   Kim Fowley even said “Charlene, you just might be the future of rock and roll”.  Oh, and did I mention that “Spanking Charlene” won Little Steven Van Zandt‘s (longtime Bruce Springsteen guitarist, Soprano, etc.) Underground Garage Guru show on Sirius Radio‘s year-long “Best Unsigned Band in America” contest?  Pretty cool, eh!?  Check out their website listed on the right.  The new show dates are also listed in the “Upcoming Show” section.

See you on the low-end.