*Video! New Slyboots

*Video! New Slyboots

Heylo Hunkerdowners!  We have something to show you from our Quarantine Diary! When we’re not crying or drinking or eating or calling each other up in the middle of night because time has no meaning…we’ve been busy learning new things, writing new songs, updating my blog, and taking bass lessons (again).  Cool stuff like.  And one thing that we’ve been doing is learning Final Cut Pro.

*Ahem – by “we”, I mean KG*.We’ve had 3 shows with Tiffany Lyons fronting the band and we nailed “If We Could Let Go” from our 2nd show at The Bitter End. KG* took the audio and spliced up this little ditty from those shows. The footage is from The Bowery Electric, The Bitter End and Pianos.

It’s a message about love and tolerance and coming out of all of this crazy stuff on the better side of life. Remember to be kind to each other and to yourself.


See you on the low end!