*PHOTOS! New Year’s Eve Recap with the Talia Denis Band

*PHOTOS! New Year’s Eve Recap with the Talia Denis Band

It’s almost a week into the New Year and I’m taking this time to reflect on the show with the Talia Denis Band.  We played First Night in Saratoga Springs, NY and we played in a church right in front of the alter.  I have to give a big round of applause to Talia’s Dad/Manager (the “Stan”ager) because he transformed the space into a mega-rock-church.  It was so Sabbath.  We had a Christmas tree, fog machine, DMX Lighting, a full sound board, a Christening Bath, a sound-man, monitors; I mean, it was a quite a production.  Here are some photos courtesy of Jon Noble 🙂


  • Talia Denis Band kicking off the set!

Full Band



  • Talia doing her thang!




  •  3/4’s of the Talia Denis Band are…wait for it….. LILY SPARKS!

3-4ths of Lily Sparks


  •  Me!





















  • Head Bangers’ Ball!

Head Bangers Ball


See you on the low end!