My New Favorite Pop Star Is…

My New Favorite Pop Star Is…

Charli XCX!

For a bit the jury was out for me.  I wasn’t connecting to the Iggy Azalea / Charli XCX collaboration, “Fancy”.  Then “Boom Clap” came out, and I was thinking, “Ok, this is more interesting…I can dance behind this…”  Then I read the Rolling Stone article behind her new album “Sucker”, and she comes across as smart, hardworking, confident, unabashed at loving pop music, and ready to arrive.

Last night she performed on Letterman and this past weekend she performed on SNL.  She nailed it.  All my assessments seem to ring true.

Here’s “Need Ur Luv” from Letterman.  I love how her hair gets stuck in her massive eyelashes.  Instead of brushing it off to the side immediately; she kind of savors the moment, and gingerly moves her hair as if saying “yeah, it’s part of my wardrobe.”

See you on the low end!