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CANADIAN MUSIC EXPERT – Krista Hurdon – Top 5 Canadian Tracks during Quarantine

Mags reached out to ask me to do a Canadian Music Expert Quarantine guest post. Which kills me because despite her always calling me that, I’m no expert, just a Canadian who loves her music. Like most of us, it’s a huge factor in keeping sane throughout this pandemic. Mags said to go with my Top 5, which is crazy hard to pick. I’m also gonna assume that most people here are American. There’s a tonne (yep, that’s metric) of huge Canadian bands that you guys already know, so why bother with that? I figured I’d go through the vaults for some lesser-knowns.  Well, lesser known south of the border, but to millions of Canadians, these songs are touchstones.

Bass Guitar Magazine Article – It’s Me!

I was interviewed for Bass Guitar Magazine for the August 2020 Issue. I don’t know what to say. It’s so cool and I’m so proud of this. You can read (most) of it below, or even better – Print Edition: https://bit.ly/31ouwuW to hang on your bedroom wall😎 See you on the low end! Love,...

*Video! New Slyboots

Heylo Hunkerdowners!  We have something to show you from our Quarantine Diary! When we’re not crying or drinking or eating or calling each other up in the middle of night because time has no meaning…we’ve been busy learning new things, writing new songs, updating my blog, and taking bass lessons (again).  Cool stuff like.  And one thing that we’ve been doing is learning Final Cut Pro. *Ahem – by “we”, I mean KG*.We’ve had 3 shows with Tiffany Lyons fronting the band and we nailed “If We Could Let Go” from our 2nd show at The Bitter End. KG* took the audio and spliced up this little ditty from those shows. The footage is from The Bowery Electric, The Bitter End and Pianos. It’s a message about love and tolerance and coming out of all of this crazy stuff on the better side of life. Remember to be kind to each other and to yourself. Enjoy! See you on the low end! Love,...

InterMagsView – with Dave Dreiwitz!

Heylo Bassers!  Here is another installment of my InterMagsView where I sit down and bribe really cool bass players with food and wine to talk to me about really cool stuff! My interview below is with Dave Dreiwitz.  We had a very nice chat over dinner this winter at Cibo e Vino on the Upper West Side and talked about playing bass in Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and of course, Ween. Mags: My friend emailed me today and said that he went to all three dates for Joe Russo’s Almost Dead (JRAD) at The Capitol Theatre (January 18, 19, 20, 2019). DD: He went to all three nights?! What did he say? Mags: He’s a little star-struck by you. He told me to tell you that it was the best three nights in a row that he’s seen of JRAD. He’s really into the whole jam-band thing. DD: I thank my lucky stars for the jam-band fans. Mags: Are you a big Phil Lesh fan? Are you a big Grateful Dead fan? DD: I am more now. Monica (Hampton), my girlfriend, is a massive fan, and we’ve been together 17-18 years. When we got together, we would see The Dead, Phil and Friends, and I was getting more into it. Ween played the first Bonnaroo (2002) and Phil and Friends played right after us. It was the first time Phil and Bobby (Bob Weir) got back together after Jerry Garcia died. It was great. I remember thinking, “Wow, we just played the biggest show of our lives, and I’m sitting on the side of the stage watching Phil and Bobby...

Magsofy – Jah Wobble at Elsewhere

People talk about honesty in art, about truth, about players’ transformations and how sometimes they lose their heart.  Not Jah Wobble.  No way…I’ve never seen PiL with Jah, I’ve never seen his solo projects, and I’ve never really paid that much attention to him. And then I did. I bought his book “Memoirs of a Geezer”, I listened to as much of his discography that I could handle (it’s huge and exhausting) and I saw him play with The Invaders of the Heart at Elsewhere in Bushwick, Brooklyn this past October. On stage he came off as the guy in the book – a straight shooter from the East End.  Jah mostly sits down while he plays, which I have to say – I  equally loved and equally laughed at. He’s still staying true to dub-step and playing hypnotic bass parts and I don’t think his playing has either evolved or devolved.  It is what it is. I started to dissect the show and the “performance” and relate his past to what I was seeing in the present, but that was a waste of time.  I concluded that he’s truly a geezer.  What I saw was what I got.  What I would have seen in 1978, I mostly saw in 2018.  I don’t have much more to say.  I really think this guy’s playing speaks for itself.  There is no hidden message, he’s not trying to pull-one off on the audience.  He’s just being Jah.  Playing the same art and getting better at it…or not, but he’s truly playing and creating from his heart. If you want a good...

InterMagsView – with Sal Maida!

Heylo Bassers!  Here is another installment of my InterMagsView where I sit down and bribe really cool bass players with food and wine to talk to me about really cool stuff!

My interview below is with Sal Maida.  We had a very nice chat about his new book, playing bass in the 70s and just shot the breeze over dinner this spring at Kefi on the Upper West Side –

Mags: When you sat down to write Four Strings, Phony Proof, and 300 45s what was your intention? …

*PHOTOS! Liverpool and the Cavern Club with Slyboots

It’s been a year since Slyboots had their Cavern Club, Liverpool debut at the International Pop Overthrow Festival.  We flew in on Saturday, played Sunday evening at the Cavern Pub, Monday night on the Traditional Stage, Tuesday night on the Main Stage (to a packed house!), and we flew home on Wednesday. Massive love to the original Slyboots members (Beth and Shu) who will always hold a special place in my heart and in the band’s heart. I’ve spent this past year reflecting on the different changes and progress of Slyboots and I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from our first adventure. See you on the low end! Love,...

InterMagsView – with Zev Katz!

Heylo Bassers! Here is another installment of my InterMagsView where I sit down and bribe really cool bass players with food and wine to talk to me about really cool stuff! My interview below is with Zev Katz. We had a very nice chat over brunch this spring at Serafina’s on the Upper West Side – Native New Yorker, Zev Katz has played with Roxy Music, Hall & Oates, Jeff Beck, Sheryl Crow, and the list goes on-and-on. Currently, he holds the bass chair on the Broadway show “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical”.

Bass Moms Who Rock

Hello Internet Folks!
I’ve been busy this past year. You know, doing really important things like making life. Anyway, Ted and I welcomed our baby daughter on February 2nd, Charlie-Catherine. Some people have told me that being a mom will be the most difficult thing that I’ll do in life. Yes, being a mom is difficult, but you want to know what the most difficult thing that I have ever done in life?