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InterMagsView – with Sal Maida!

Heylo Bassers!  Here is another installment of my InterMagsView where I sit down and bribe really cool bass players with food and wine to talk to me about really cool stuff!

My interview below is with Sal Maida.  We had a very nice chat about his new book, playing bass in the 70s and just shot the breeze over dinner this spring at Kefi on the Upper West Side –

Mags: When you sat down to write Four Strings, Phony Proof, and 300 45s what was your intention? …

*PHOTOS! Liverpool and the Cavern Club with Slyboots

It’s been a year since Slyboots had their Cavern Club, Liverpool debut at the International Pop Overthrow Festival.  We flew in on Saturday, played Sunday evening at the Cavern Pub, Monday night on the Traditional Stage, Tuesday night on the Main Stage (to a packed house!), and we flew home on Wednesday. Massive love to the original Slyboots members (Beth and Shu) who will always hold a special place in my heart and in the band’s heart. I’ve spent this past year reflecting on the different changes and progress of Slyboots and I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of our first adventure. See you on the low end! Love,...

InterMagsView – with Zev Katz!

Heylo Bassers! Here is another installment of my InterMagsView where I sit down and bribe really cool bass players with food and wine to talk to me about really cool stuff! My interview below is with Zev Katz. We had a very nice chat over brunch this spring at Serafina’s on the Upper West Side – Native New Yorker, Zev Katz has played with Roxy Music, Hall & Oates, Jeff Beck, Sheryl Crow, and the list goes on-and-on. Currently, he holds the bass chair on the Broadway show “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical”.

Bass Moms Who Rock

Hello Internet Folks!
I’ve been busy this past year. You know, doing really important things like making life. Anyway, Ted and I welcomed our baby daughter on February 2nd, Charlie-Catherine. Some people have told me that being a mom will be the most difficult thing that I’ll do in life. Yes, being a mom is difficult, but you want to know what the most difficult thing that I have ever done in life?

InterMagsView – with Mike Visceglia!

Heylo Bassers! This is my first installment of my InterMagsView where I sit down and bribe really cool bass players with food and wine to talk to me about really cool stuff! My first interview is with Mike Visceglia.

Magsofy – The Internet

“Wow!  Mags is doing a review of the internet?!  That sounds pretentious,” you say…. So, what.  I am doing a review of the internet and my review is two thumbs up.  The internet is like, totally tubular. Two nights ago I was at my girl friend Babs’s house getting a good old fashioned waxing and facial.  After we ate her homemade minestrone and watched these little gems:   Glove and Boots, Mr Big: Puddles: Glove and Boots, I Hate Coldplay: It’s OK to not like things: See you on the low...

Magsofy – Oh Caroline

Cheap Trick is one of my feel good, favorite time bands.  Oh Caroline may not be my favorite Cheap Trick song, but it has definitely made an impression on me.

The opening drum beat and hot lick… then Robin Zander sings:
Oh Caroline – My life shined when you walked in
Oh Caroline – My world shined when you came in
His heart dropped; he was struck by a lightening bolt – he fell in love IMMEDIATELY!  He would (go to the end of the world) for your love!

The song starts off so sweet, and sincere, and full of love and hope – and then….

CANADIAN MUSIC EXPERT – Krista Hurdon – Top 5 Canadian Tracks of 2014

Anyone who’s reading this is a fan of Mags (who isn’t?) so when she asked me to be a guest columnist on her blog, I was pretty flattered.  Well, first I was kind of vomity, but then I was flattered.  I’m not a musician and I’m not a music critic, I’m just a chick who likes her tunes and tries to keep an ear to the ground, but if Mags figures that’s enough, then I’m down with it.

So, yeah, I know that “The Best of” or “The Top” lists are pretty much fraught with conflict, and you’re just setting yourself up for someone to say “You totally should have included this!” or “How could you have missed that?”  I get it.  Everyone’s got their faves…

*PHOTOS! New Year’s Eve Recap with the Talia Denis Band

It’s almost a week into the New Year and I’m taking this time to reflect on the show with the Talia Denis Band.  We played First Night in Saratoga Springs, NY and we played in a church right in front of the alter.  I have to give a big round of applause to Talia’s Dad/Manager (the “Stan”ager) because he transformed the space into a mega-rock-church.  It was so Sabbath.  We had a Christmas tree, fog machine, DMX Lighting, a full sound board, a Christening Bath, a sound-man, monitors; I mean, it was a quite a production.  Here are some photos courtesy of Jon Noble 🙂 See you on the low...

My New Favorite Pop Star Is…

Charli XCX! For a bit the jury was out for me.  I wasn’t connecting to the Iggy Azalea / Charli XCX collaboration, “Fancy”.  Then “Boom Clap” came out, and I was thinking, “Ok, this is more interesting…I can dance behind this…”  Then I read the Rolling Stone article behind her new album “Sucker”, and she comes across as smart, hardworking, confident, unabashed at loving pop music, and ready to arrive. Last night she performed on Letterman and this past weekend she performed on SNL.  She nailed it.  All my assessments seem to ring true. Here’s “Need Ur Luv” from Letterman.  I love how her hair gets stuck in her massive eyelashes.  Instead of brushing it off to the side immediately; she kind of savors the moment, and gingerly moves her hair as if saying “yeah, it’s part of my wardrobe.” See you on the low end!Love,Mags...