Bees Knees!

Bees Knees!

The craziest thing happened this week!  I was walking in my neighborhood doing my daily routine; yoga, cappuccino with Sal, and as I turned the corner to kiss hello to Toli and Antonio I saw what is in the photo above.

That’s so weird, right?  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  Fortunately, the NY Post was right on top of it, but the article never mentioned how or why the bees swarmed on the mail box.  Very interesting….just another day in New York City, I suppose…

More on the topic of Bees Knees (let’s rock, let’s rock) I had my first show with Spanking Charlene and it was awesome.  Lakeside Lounge was packed to the brim and the band banged out song after song.  There was sweat, dripping mascara, and booming rock ‘n roll.  The kind that makes you feel ALIVE!  Our next gig is at Lakeside on June 18th.

I also have been working with my buddy Mick Fumento, who is the drummer for Lily Sparks.  He has a sweet studio in Jersey. In addition to our rehearsals we’ve been meeting uno y uno for drum and bass work.  He’s been teaching me to sit down in the pocket and to just feel what’s going on. He’s a really heavy cat and I’m lucky to be working with him.

Lily Sparks is a new project that I’m involved in.  We’re playing this Sunday, June 5th, at Rockwood 2 for a short set.  Check out the “Upcoming Show” page.  We’re playing the Durham County Fair in September in Durham, CT.  We also have some great gigs at the Bitter End and Arlene’s booked for the summer thus far.

FNU LNU just finished recording our first full length in Yellow Springs, OH!  We’re very excited.  Many thanks to Steve and Ellen Ballerene for putting me, Ben, and Dave up and for doing such a superb recording job.  FNU LNU are playing a gig on June 9th at the Phoenix and it’ll be our first gig since our recording.  We plan on having 7″ pressed by the end of the summer.  I’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks with more details.  Oh!  I almost forgot – Steve Ballerene shot and edited FNU LNU’s music video to our song “Erased.”

Wise Girl is still rock’n very hard.  We’re gig’n tomorrow, Friday June 3rd, at Piano’s with our favorite punk rockers, Care Bears on Fire, who are kicking off the night for us.  Wise Girl has been receiving a lot of positive press recently.  Ms. Abby Weitz has been working her little tushy off writing new songs and pushing the band forward.

Our live set is getting extremely tight – some might say tighter than a duck’s ass under water.  Yes, I totally went there.  Thank you very much, internets.

To close in the words of Dewey Finn: No, you’re not hardcore! Unless you live hardcore! And the legend of the rent was way hardcore!

See you on the low-end.