Baited Breath I’m Sure!

For Blog Post Numero Due! That’s right kids – Miss Bethie Beth requested another Bomb Blog. Holla!

Last night was the final night of the San Genero Festival in my neighborhood, Little Italy. I felt like I haven’t really been in touch with my Italian roots recently, so you know – after a long hard night of drinking and clubbing with Snookie, I woke up around 1pm, hit the gym, did some tanning, pounded some protein shakes, picked up my laundry, and had sausage and peppers while watching a Rat Pack tribute. San Ge-fucking- nero! Celebrating every bad Italian stereotype for the past 85 years!

Just kidding, we all know Jersey Shore Italians aren’t real Italians anyway – Snookie’s from Chile! Anywhoo – just trying to keep up with the rest of the internets– reaching all demographics… Because not everyone can understand the subtleties of switching from a c-sharp to a d-major side back in 10-eighths virgin time. I don’t even know what that means!!! But luckily I have a lesson tonight with Tony Conniff, so I’m sure he can shed some light on that nonsense.

Speaking of all things bass related – FNU LNU are playing November 18th at Union Hall. We’re pretty excited for this show; these reasons three – Union Hall is a superb venue, we’re playing with our friend Serica Ux, Luff, and Coyote Eyes, and it’s Dave’s big return to the drum world post ACL surgery. YAR!

See you on the low-end with a sprinkle of nonsense…