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Bees Knees!

The craziest thing happened this week!  I was walking in my neighborhood doing my daily routine; yoga, cappuccino with Sal, and as I turned the corner to kiss hello to Toli and Antonio I saw this:

That’s so weird, right?  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  Fortunately, the NY Post was right on top of it, but the article never mentioned how or why the bees swarmed on the mail box.  Very interesting….just another day in New York City, I suppose…

More on the topic of Bees Knees (let’s rock, let’s rock) I had my first show with Spanking Charlene and it was awesome.  Lakeside Lounge was packed to the brim and the band banged out song after song.  There was sweat, dripping mascara, and booming rock ‘n roll.  The kind that makes you feel ALIVE!  Our next gig is at Lakeside on June 18th.

I also have been working with my buddy Mick Fumento, who is the drummer for Lily Sparks.  He has a sweet studio in Jersey. In addition to our rehearsals we’ve been meeting uno y uno for drum and bass work.  He’s been teaching me to sit down in the pocket and to just feel what’s going on. He’s a really heavy cat and I’m lucky to be working with him.

Lily Sparks is a new project that I’m involved in.  We’re playing this Sunday, June 5th, at Rockwood 2 for a short set.  Check out the “Upcoming Show” page.  We’re playing the Durham County Fair in September in Durham, CT.  We also have some great gigs at the Bitter End and Arlene’s booked for the summer thus far.

FNU LNU just finished recording our first full length in Yellow Springs, OH!  We’re very excited.  Many thanks to Steve and Ellen Ballerene for putting me, Ben, and Dave up and for doing such a superb recording job.  FNU LNU are playing a gig on June 9th at the Phoenix and it’ll be our first gig since our recording.  We plan on having 7″ pressed by the end of the summer.  I’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks with more details.  Oh!  I almost forgot – Steve Ballerene shot and edited FNU LNU’s music video to our song “Erased.”  I’ve posted it in the “Video” tab – check it out!

Wise Girl is still rock’n very hard.  We’re gig’n tomorrow, Friday June 3rd, at Piano’s with our favorite punk rockers, Care Bears on Fire, who are kicking off the night for us.  Wise Girl has been receiving a lot of positive press recently.  Ms. Abby Weitz has been working her little tushy off writing new songs and pushing the band forward.  

Our live set is getting extremely tight – some might say tighter than a duck’s ass under water.  Yes, I totally went there.  Thank you very much, internets.

To close in the words of Dewey Finn:

No, you’re not hardcore! Unless you live hardcore! And the legend of the rent was way hardcore!

See you on the low-end.


You Drive the Men Wild!

That’s what someone wrote in the subject of a private email I received.  Why do I receive private emails?  Because I have a private email address.  What was that private email about?  I’ll tell you what it’s about because I’m not so private.

Cool Kitties and the Square Cats had a kick-ass rockabilly show last month at Otto’s Shrunken Head.  We rocked and we rolled.  Anywhoo – some drunkard in front was dancing real good to our swinging tunes.  He was dancing, and drinking, and drinking, and drinking.   There were some close calls of Bethany almost decking the dude, and after the third time he threw his coat onto her feet, she turned to me and said “this dude has got to go.”

By the time we hit “Blue Suede Shoes” it was too late.  The drunkard jumped on stage and moved in.  I got pushed up against the wall (mind you, I didn’t lose the groove), and he extended his hand lovingly towards my face to go in for the kiss.  Luckily, our Square Cat guitarist, Seth, and Bethany came over to intervene.  The drunkard got escorted out, but made sure to give me the international sign of “f-you” with a mean ‘ol stare.  That didn’t really bother me because I returned his “f-you”, and raised it with the international sign of vagina.

Here’s the private email; written in reference to this little scuffle:

“Chicken wire reminds me of the movie Road House with Patrick Swayze where they had chicken wire around the band to protect them.  I saw that guy come over in your direction, but really thought he was going to pay you a compliment before leaving even though he was extremely drunk.  I did not think he was going to do what he did.  But you guys always know there are people out there who have your back.  Jesse was standing a lot closer than I was and Maria’s friend was closer than Jesse and I saw they had it very under control.  I was actually making sure nobody was coming up behind them from the other room to join in because I saw that guy had friends in the other room.”

This is why y’all shouldn’t miss any Bass Princess shows.  I mean, it’s awesome ROCK’n ROLL!

And!  I am proud to announce that I’m the newest member of “Spanking Charlene!” Spanking Charlene was just mentioned in the Wall Street Journal in an article written about the great Bob Clearmoutain.   Kim Fowley even said “Charlene, you just might be the future of rock and roll”.  Oh, and did I mention that “Spanking Charlene” won Little Steven Van Zandt‘s (longtime Bruce Springsteen guitarist, Soprano, etc.) Underground Garage Guru show on Sirius Radio‘s year-long “Best Unsigned Band in America” contest?  Pretty cool, eh!?  Check out their website listed on the right.  The new show dates are also listed in the “Upcoming Show” section.

See you on the low-end.


Subway Smells, Cougars, Swats, Four Loko, NYC Pizza!

Ah Yes!!  My inspiration has started and it won’t stop ’til we drop!  My good buddy Bethie Beth requested another Bass Princess Blog Post – Holla!  Actually, she told me to write more Bass Princess Posts, and I always listen to Bethie Beth – she makes significantly better life decisions than I do.  Especially when it comes to Oreos…

My friend Jay Terrien, who’s one hell of a bass and viola player, suggested these five incredible topics to write about.


I had my first conversation with a homeless person this past week.  I sat next to a wonderful lady on my way home from a Wise Girl rehearsal.  She had all her belongings tidied-up and neat in her cart and was reading Moby Dick.  Her homelessness was not very clear.  She was wearing blush and smelled really, really nice.  I was kind of having a difficult time putting everything together.  But she striked up conversation and we talked about the bass, punk bands, and my aluminum water bottle (which she refused my offering to her).  She did most of the talking, and was an excellent listener.  She told me to keep on playing bass and to keep on practicing my singing.  It was a very uplifting and insightful conversation.  We were both sorry that my stop came so soon.


This is a topic I don’t have a lot of experience with.  I know that my sister Jane sees cougars at work.  She works with restoring the Florida Everglades.  Recently, she sent me a picture of a Florida Panther!  It’s pretty neat because they are one of the most endangered species on earth!  Here’s a picture – the mother’s carrying her baby – isn’t it so cute!  I want to cuddle with them, but they would most likely maul me.


I’ve never met the SWATS, but she lives in Vermont.  From my internet friendship with her, I have determined that she loves guns, whiskey, the Dallas Cowboys, machinery, makeup, art, and fresh home-grown food.  One day we’ll meet and it’ll be lovely.  Thanks again to Jay Terrien for hooking up our FB friendship.


Looks like bile, tastes like bile, and both end up in the toilet.


Is the best!  My good buddy from UMASS and her husband visited me this past weekend.  We ate NYC Pizza at 2am!  It’s incredibly delicious that early in the morning!

Thanks Jay for the topics – you’re the best!

See you on the low-end.


Who’s the Lazy Blogger?

It’s ME!!  Ah man – I love answering questions right.  It just makes me feel oh so good.

Let’s see…what have I done these past few months that I haven’t openly documented via internet?  Well, I’ve started to sit-in with some cats and make the open jam rounds.  I was lucky enough to play a nice little blues-ditty in G with my friend Dan Cazio at the Ear Inn.  I swung by after rehearsal and walked into a packed bar.   Florence and the Machine + band were there and it turned into a really cool hang.  I also sat in with Poppa Chubby at The Rodeo Bar last month too.  Mr. Chubby called my bass-buddy onto the stage, but he had to go home early because The Rodeo Bar’s margaritas erased his knowledge of the C-Major scale.  Fortunately, Ms. Wise Girl and el Hickin told Senore Chubby not to worry since the Bass Princess was in da house.  Yeah, I killed it.  My royalty ruled over the land of bottomless peanuts and rita’s on the r with salt.  See! Good things do happen when you’re at the bar past 2:30am!

I also received a super cool pair of pickups from Alleva-Coppolo.  Check out their picture in the “Hanging Out” section of the blog.  These pickups are really killer.  I noticed the difference immediately in the tone and sound intensity – their sound reminds me of a shape of a bullet.  It’s really round at the top, but has an incredible ability to punch through and make a statement.  I realize getting that “pro” tone takes years, but these pickups have really shortened the road.  I highly recommend them.  Bass Princess score??   A++ and two thumbs up.

Recently, I attended a clinic at Aguilar Amps with Adam Nitti.  Adam talked a lot about ear training and creating harmonies.  He emphasized singing the note position within the scale before you play it.  I’ve found that this has really helped my singing and has changed the way I listen to bass lines and their intervals.

So far 2011 has been jammed packed with checking out incredible live music.  Highlights? (in no particular order, but each killed in their own unique way) Gov’t Mule, Mike Stern Band (with Victor Wooten!), Sarah McLachlan, Butterfly Boucher, Melissa McClelland, and always – the NYC music scene has surprises around every block.

”Til next time! but in the meantime I’ve updated the “Video” section and “Upcoming Shows“section of the blog.  Whoop Whoop!

See you on the low-end.


Elegant Grunge?


But it’s not 1992 and I’m not looking out the window listening to “Nevermind” and wondering why no one understands me the way Kurt Cobain does.  Man!  He was speaking to ME!! 


(or how the kids spell it these days):  


Luckily, my way cool girl friend in gym class introduced me to deodorant and I don’t smell like teen spirit as much or as often, so I guess that’s a social win…but now it’s 2010 and I’m looking out the window listening to “Nevermind” and wondering, “Kurt?  What would you do?” 

Oh crap – I almost got all serious on you!!! - HaHA!  But how did I get on this stream of consciousness in the first place!?!   Oh yeah!  Elegant Grunge!  It’s my new bloggy blog’s layout.  What do you think?  Cool?  Super cool?  Super duper cool?  Are these leading questions?  I kind of like it.  This blogo-nerdo world is kind of new to me (see my measly 3 posts below), but I’ll have more time to do what’s important in life now that I’m a FULL-TIME Bass Princess.  Like practice, practice, practice, hang, hang, hang, bike ride, sleep.  See?  I got it all figured out!  AND!  The best part (thus far) of my new and more important life was my recent trip out to Los Angeles to attend Bass Player Live!  Yes, the exclamation point is trademarked!  Maybe not, I just kind of made that up, but it was funny.

Bass Player Live!  was actually really cool.  It’s so weird and quite neat that we bass players have a true camaraderie amongst each other.  I mean, remember that time there was that guitar player convention?  Holy smokes!  And you thought there was a lot of hot air during the Warren County Balloon Festival!!!  Oh, guitar players – I joke.  Why?  Because I can.  Everyone knows that the bass player has the most important role within an ensemble.  No other instrument takes on the role of melody, harmony, and rhythm.  Guess who told me that.  Darryl Jones.  Guess what.  He told me that at Bass Player Live!  Guess what.  I have a talent crush on him.

Let’s see – other highlights of Bass Player Live! were Mike Visceglia and Fiona McBain doing their “Then There Were Two” project at the Alleva-Coppolo and Aguilar booths, Matt Garrison‘s one-man-band effect demo, chill’n with Bootsy Collins, the LA Bass Brunch, hitt’n the scene at Libertine’s  - damn, L.A. is REAL FONKY!  And the MOST highlighted highlight was just talking shop and hanging out with my peeps.  My peeps are reeeeal cool.  Check it out in the “Hanging Out Photo” section of my bloggy blog. 

There’s so much more to write, but I’ll keep it short.  Just subscribe to my nonsense so you won’t miss a beat.  That way when I see you at “Sandy’s Clam Bar” over Thanksgiving you can ask how my new more important life is going, and I can give you shit for not coming to any of my shows even though you live in Murray Hill and keep RSVP’ing “maybe” to my facebook invites.

See you on the low-end!



Five On Two!

Remember those good ‘ol days of running around the city and charming the boys with a good ‘ol fashioned five on two?  Ah…those were the times….I can’t say the five on two really got me anywhere in life other than embarrassment, but I can say that it probably got me a few drinks paid for.  Ha!  So I guess it did get me somewhere – to that magical place called denial.  I hear it’s beautiful this time of year.

Speaking of denial, I’ve uploaded a new video of Cool Kitties and the Square Cats It was from our Unsteady Freddy Surf Night Shin-Dig earlier this month.  Isn’t Bethany Saint-Smith smoke’n!  Wanda Jackson has nothing on our pretty-lil-lady!  I know, you should see her sing live.  Really?  You’re coming to the show?  Great!  It’s this Friday, October 15th at Fontana’sCheck out the details on the Upcoming Show page and don’t forget to see our video version of “15 Seconds”.

See you on the low-end!



Baited Breath I’m Sure!

For Blog Post Numero Due!  That’s right kids – Miss Bethie Beth requested another Bomb Blog.  Holla!

Last night was the final night of the San Genero Festival in my neighborhood, Little Italy.  I felt like I haven’t really been in touch with my Italian roots recently, so you know – after a long hard night of drinking and clubbing with Snookie, I woke up around 1pm, hit the gym, did some tanning, pounded some protein shakes, picked up my laundry, and had sausage and peppers while watching a Rat Pack tribute.   San Ge-fucking- nero!  Celebrating every bad Italian stereotype for the past 85 years! 

Just kidding, we all know Jersey Shore Italians aren’t real Italians anyway – Snookie’s from Chile!  Anywhoo - just trying to keep up with the rest of the internets– reaching all demographics… Because not everyone can understand the subtleties of switching from a  c-sharp to a d-major side back in 10-eighths virgin time.  I don’t even know what that means!!!  But luckily I have a lesson tonight with Tony Conniff, so I’m sure he can shed some light on that nonsense. 

Speaking of all things bass related – FNU LNU are playing November 18th at Union Hall.  We’re pretty excited for this show; these reasons three – Union Hall is a superb venue, we’re playing with our friend Serica Ux, Luff, and Coyote Eyes, and it’s Dave’s big return to the drum world post ACL surgery.  YAR!

See you on the low-end with a sprinkle of nonsense…


Look at me, Mom!

I have a Bloggy Blog!  I can’t believe it – I’ve always wanted one of these things.  All my really cool friends have one, and they blog about really cool things like art, and food, and um…let’s see…birds.  Anywhoo - now I have one.  Heck Yes!  :)

So, what to blog about…ok – as most of you all know, I’m losing my job in a few weeks!  I’m very excited because I’m making the jump to full-time bass princess.   

Check out the show page for October - Right now, I have a bunch of shows booked with Cool Kitties and the Square Cats and a super cool CMJ show with Wise Girl.  The morning after our Wise Girl show I’m leaving for L.A. to attend Bass Player Live!

That’s about it for now – but don’t worry – I’ll be back with more, so feel free to subscribe to Bass Princess.

See you on the low-end.




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