Elegant Grunge?


But it’s not 1992 and I’m not looking out the window listening to “Nevermind” and wondering why no one understands me the way Kurt Cobain does.  Man!  He was speaking to ME!! 


(or how the kids spell it these days):  


Luckily, my way cool girl friend in gym class introduced me to deodorant and I don’t smell like teen spirit as much or as often, so I guess that’s a social win…but now it’s 2010 and I’m looking out the window listening to “Nevermind” and wondering, “Kurt?  What would you do?” 

Oh crap – I almost got all serious on you!!! - HaHA!  But how did I get on this stream of consciousness in the first place!?!   Oh yeah!  Elegant Grunge!  It’s my new bloggy blog’s layout.  What do you think?  Cool?  Super cool?  Super duper cool?  Are these leading questions?  I kind of like it.  This blogo-nerdo world is kind of new to me (see my measly 3 posts below), but I’ll have more time to do what’s important in life now that I’m a FULL-TIME Bass Princess.  Like practice, practice, practice, hang, hang, hang, bike ride, sleep.  See?  I got it all figured out!  AND!  The best part (thus far) of my new and more important life was my recent trip out to Los Angeles to attend Bass Player Live!  Yes, the exclamation point is trademarked!  Maybe not, I just kind of made that up, but it was funny.

Bass Player Live!  was actually really cool.  It’s so weird and quite neat that we bass players have a true camaraderie amongst each other.  I mean, remember that time there was that guitar player convention?  Holy smokes!  And you thought there was a lot of hot air during the Warren County Balloon Festival!!!  Oh, guitar players – I joke.  Why?  Because I can.  Everyone knows that the bass player has the most important role within an ensemble.  No other instrument takes on the role of melody, harmony, and rhythm.  Guess who told me that.  Darryl Jones.  Guess what.  He told me that at Bass Player Live!  Guess what.  I have a talent crush on him.

Let’s see – other highlights of Bass Player Live! were Mike Visceglia and Fiona McBain doing their “Then There Were Two” project at the Alleva-Coppolo and Aguilar booths, Matt Garrison‘s one-man-band effect demo, chill’n with Bootsy Collins, the LA Bass Brunch, hitt’n the scene at Libertine’s  - damn, L.A. is REAL FONKY!  And the MOST highlighted highlight was just talking shop and hanging out with my peeps.  My peeps are reeeeal cool.  Check it out in the “Hanging Out Photo” section of my bloggy blog. 

There’s so much more to write, but I’ll keep it short.  Just subscribe to my nonsense so you won’t miss a beat.  That way when I see you at “Sandy’s Clam Bar” over Thanksgiving you can ask how my new more important life is going, and I can give you shit for not coming to any of my shows even though you live in Murray Hill and keep RSVP’ing “maybe” to my facebook invites.

See you on the low-end!



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